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Inteltronic announces a new generation of high-performance character type OLED display

Inteltronic unveils a series of the innovative character type OLED with COG (Chip on Glass) package which now is available for mass production from the fourth quarter of 2010. Inteltronic takes a step forward in the company’s efforts to strengthen its position in the still-growing OLED market.


 Enhance the marvelous performance and competitive cost
We provide the best cost-effective and highly integrated character type OLED, while accomplishing both the most sophisticated of PCB solutions and highly competitive cost.

Create the real green product
Character type OLED is showing off an outstanding performance of low power consumption, leading people to experience an excellent green product, and completely realize the advantage–eco-friendly product.

Enrich the wonderful visual experience
Character type OLED has absolute visual advantages including free viewing angle, high contrast, brightness, fast response time and so on. Consequently, people satisfied with the well-displayed senses and lead you to experience in a vivid world.

Integrate the high-performance technology
Inteltronic announces the high-performance COG solution here. In terms of hardware, it can be performed completely forward compatible with all existing Character type LCM – mechanical and pin-compatible. As for software, it is completely compatible with the existing LCM. We provides variant flexible options such as 4-/8-bit 6800/8080 Parallel, Serial Interface and I2C, which can benefit our customers to easily adapt from their LCM to our OLED. Inteltronic provides comprehensive and technical up time support to help you to easily resolve all the challenges. We have a professional team and highly reliable technology, in particular with the energetic enthusiasm to serve our customers. We are continuing to boost you to master the best time to market.

Standard Character type OLED modules:






Advantages of Inteltronic OLED displays:

Liven up your experience
A well-displayed sense enrich your life! Inteltronic Character type OLED injects a new-life world into your sense, and adds luster to the visual senses, while creates the feeling of a well convenience to use in a great of diversity device. The innovative Character type OLED will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your experience, in particular like low power consumption, high-quality, high-integrated, to be made much thinner and others feature, it is commended as display of green product. Currently, major customers have been finished to qualification and the schedule of mass production will be in the fourth quarter of year 2010 . Inteltronic will be constantly to provide the innovative products, to leads end-user into high-quality visual enjoyment, which they are all to meet the requirement of the quality of your vision.

It’s now the time to start to experience the new generation of Character type OLED, meanwhile, it will certainly present you an astonishing world. Please contact us now to start the experience!



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