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Squidoo: PMOLED and High Power LED Manufacturer

Squidoo: PMOLED and High Power LED Manufacturer

Inteltronic Inc. PMOLED and High Power LED Manufacturer

Inteltronic was established in 1980, as the US Division of Wah Lee Industrial Corp. (founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1968). Inteltronic mission is to continue the global expansion of our products throughout North and South America. With a continually expanding sales team of more than 100 direct, representative and distribution partners, the focus has been into industrial, consumer and commercial product spaces. The goal of this team is to continually be providing customers with easy to use, affordable, and advanced technologyproducts that are designed to fit their ever changing needs and lifestyles.Through these collaborative efforts of our employees and marketing partners, we have successfully introduced complete lines of high qualityproducts and shall continue to provide only the best products in our future. Please see our expanding product offering pages within this website.

In addition to our business development, we continue participating in the joint ventures of upstream materials, equipment and downstream products. Our specialties of helping our clients customization and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) in Asia allow us to bring high efficiency and competitiveness to our clients and together to enjoy long term growth.

Inteltronic Inc. is a subsidiary of Wah Lee Industrial Corporation.


Inteltronic mission 

In line with Wah Lee Group's core competency of foreseeing industrial trends and fast delivering related materials, Inteltronic aims to introduce and develop advanced materials,equipment and technology with our clients. With close relations with top vendors and associated manufacturers, we provide total solution services with world leading product lines. Our mission is to provide high valued services and to create profits for shareholders, customers and employees, creating a triple-winning situation.


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